You’ll have to purchase 3DS menu themes ⊟

Maybe you assumed this, but I just ran across this bit in yesterday’s 3DS news press release: “Themes will be available for purchase from a Theme Shop that will be added to the Home menu.”

So it’s a separate shop with a separate icon? Weird. But the whole thing actually seems smart, I must grudgingly admit. It’s kind of a lot of work to make custom icons and music for each theme, so it wouldn’t make sense to make it free; and impulse-buy things like this will probably be a tempting use of leftover eShop funds.

Interestingly, for each of the custom faceplates Nintendo showed for the standard-sized 3DS yesterday, there seemed to be a matching Home menu theme. I wonder if the faceplates come with themes?

BUY Nintendo 2DS & 3DS/XL, upcoming games
2014: Shulk? Who the hell is Shulk?
2008: Pit? Who the hell is Pit?
2001: Ice Climbers? Who the hell are the Ice Climbers?
1999: Ness? Who the hell is Ness?


Preorders for New 3DS and XL are open ⊟

If you want a New 3DS early and can’t wait until 2015 for it to release in the West, Play-Asia will ship one to you when the portable releases in October. While it’s likely the hardware will be region-locked again, there’s a possibility the upcoming (but delayed) 3DS Homebrew Channel will eventually fix that.

Note that the last listing is for a White 3DS XL, which doesn’t actually exist — it’s probably for the Metallic Black edition. Also, all these prices are before the $15-30 shipping/handling fees. Play-Asia will throw in one of its free branded 3DS cases with each order, too. We will let you know when the custom faceplates and docks are for up for preorder too!

IMPORT New Nintendo 3DS White / Black (3DS XL Blue / Black)


Stone and steel addition, MA. Moger Mehrhof Architects.


Canon 50mmf1pt2 on Sony A7-2 (by Sushicam)


1943: The Battle of Midway, NES.


3DS Homebrew Channel delayed ⊟

No big surprise here — at least with the rational among us — that coder Smealum has postponed the Homebrew Channel’s launch due to the upcoming release of the New 3DS. The hack promises to enable both new and old 3DSes to load homebrew apps/games (not commercial or pirated software), and could eventually circumvent the handheld’s region-locking.

But waiting until he has the updated hardware in his hands to test before releasing the hack allows Smealum to not only ensure the new system won’t lock out the Homebrew Channel, but also potentially find a way for the hack to tap into the portable’s additional power.

"I’ve worked way too long and hard on this to throw it away," says Smealum. “This exploit is our best chance to get a look at the new 3DS coming out in one month. Using this as an entrypoint … gives us a fighting chance to defeat whatever new shit might be in there.”

Smealum doesn’t expect to delay the release into 2015. The 3DS Homebrew Launcher image above, by the way, is a mock-up from Soully.

IMPORT New Nintendo 3DS White / Black (3DS XL Blue / Black)
TRACK NAME: Fairy Fountain Theme
ALBUM TITLE: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
ARTIST: Koji Kondo


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ~ Fairy Fountain Theme