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Pluto is not a planet. It wasn’t a planet ten years ago, and it’s still not a planet today. Stop whining.

studies show that 78% of people who voted for pluto to be reinstated as a planet were also unable to locate pluto on a world map


Super Size Pumpkaboo Available for Download in Pokemon X and Y

I can’t think of a more Halloweeny Pokemon. 

The special event Pumpkaboo comes with a Rocky Helmet and the moves Scary Face and Trick or Treat. Really laying it on thick, Gamefreak.

Not that I’m complaining. Head on over to the Nintendo Network via Pokemon X and Y and nab this baby up. You have until Oct. 31. [❤]

Preorder: Pokemon ORAS, Pumpkaboo Plush




there’s probably not even a “should i write this” stage with these writers



The New 3DS XL won’t have changeable shells… But at least we can still enjoy some swell New Leaf software themes!

Nintendo of Europe confirmed 3DS themes would arrive in October. The Japanese theme list prices AC themes at ¥200 which is ~$1.84 or ~£1.13.


Flower Garden - ghibli mix

A mix for songs from Studio Ghibli put in one place

1. Kaze Ni Naru | The Cat Returns //2. Laputa Theme | Laputa: Castle in the Sky // 3. Love is a Flower, You are the Seed | Only Yesterday // 4. Teru No Uta | Tales from Earthsea // 5. Flower Garden | Howl’s Moving Castle // 6. Haru No Omoide | The Cat Returns // 7. The Days That’ll Never Come | Porco Rosso // 8. One Summer Day | Spirited Away // 9. Grave of the Fireflies Ending Theme | Grave of the Fireflies // 10. Fire Treasure | Castle Of Cagliostro // 11. With You | The Secret World of Arrietty // 12. Sayonara No Natsu | From Up on Poppyhill // 13. A Town with an Ocean View | Kiki’s Delivery Service // 14. Kaze No Tani No Nausicaa | Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind // 15. Gake No Ue no Ponyo | Ponyo on the Cliff // 16. Sanpo | My Neighbor Totoro // 17. Sakuranbo No Minoru Koro | Porco Rosso // 18. Kuchu Sanpo | Howl’s Moving Castle // 18. Itsumo Nando (piano) | Spirited Away // 19. Princess Mononoke’s Theme | Princess Mononoke // 20. Arrietty’s Song | The Secret World of Arriettty

[ Listen  Here ] [ screen cap ]


Daily Deals: Wonderful 101 $23

Just when I think this overlooked classic can’t get any cheaper, Amazon decides to prove me wrong. I would say “buy it now, it’s as cheap as it will ever get!” but we just don’t know that, do we? In any case, it’s a great price for a great game. 

SALE: Wonderful 101 $23, Rayman Legends $23


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Pikachu ghost from the 2012 Pokemon Center Halloween promotion.